Over the last two weeks, all students in years 7 -10 at Bruntcliffe Academy have been practising their spellings with the goal of becoming the Great Gorse Spelling Bee Champion.

The Great GORSE Spelling Bee is a Varsity-style competition that runs across the Trust. This will ‘bee’ the third annual event and has been extremely successful over the past two years. Whilst its main aim is to promote and enhance literacy, it also aims to establish healthy competition and enthusiasm amongst students.

During round one, all forms in years 7-10 sat a spelling test during PD. These tests were peer assessed within this hour to reveal five form representatives that would go through to round two.

During round two, there was a form sudden death. The top five performing students competed in a sudden death spelling competition within PD. This resulted in each form having a representative who will go through to the semi-finals this week during PD.

Students from all years were given some very tough words to spell in round three, such as vacuum, assassin, sufficient, and controversy. This required excellent literacy skills but also wider knowledge in order to understand the context of the word.

The competition was intense, tension was in the air as each word was read out, spelt and then verbalised by the finalists. However, there could only be one finalist for each year group, even though everyone who participated showed excellent spelling skills and therefore they are all winners in my opinion.

Eventually, we narrowed the form finalists down to a finalist per year, this was not easy as every student was so focused on spelling correctly.

What I enjoyed most about this experience is that all students involved cheered the winners and encouraged the other students throughout, giving the event a real sense of comradery.

There will be a winner for each year group who will then attend the final round, this will be the Great Gorse Spelling Bee final held at The Farnley Academy. This will take place on Thursday 28th March.

I am so proud of all students that have taken part in the Great Gorse Spelling Bee so far.

Good luck to all students in the final next week! It is going to be immense!

Go Team Bruntcliffe!