11 March 2019

Dear Parent / Carer

RE: Positive Changes for our Academy

I write to you today at the start of my third week as Principal of Bruntcliffe Academy. My first two weeks have been most enjoyable; I have relished the opportunity to observe some of the excellent work that staff and students have been completing. Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to speak to all students in assemblies and, following these, students have been keen to tell me about the things they think we could do better.

One area that students have been rightly vocal about is the length of time that they currently spend queueing for their break and lunch. To support the reduction in queue times and ensure that students have the maximum amount of time to socialise with their friends at break and lunch, from Monday 11 March we have moved to a split break and a split lunch. What this means is that roughly half the school will go for break and lunch at one time and the other half at another time. The timetable below outlines how the school day now operates. Importantly, the start and end of the school day have not changed.

As a final note to this letter, currently in school, we offer a paid breakfast service to students. This breakfast provision is not something which is widely taken up by students which leaves me concerned that many students may not be having breakfast on a morning. As a result of this, I am delighted to let you know that from Monday 18 March 2019, a free breakfast will be available to all students between 8.10am and 8.35am. Students are welcome to help themselves to a bagel, cereal, fruit or porridge, all free of charge. It is our intention to run this breakfast provision for one year initially whilst we assess its impact.

Alongside our work to improve the queue times, Mrs Griffiths (Executive Principal) and I have also sought to improve the overall lunchtime experience for students. During the May half term break, our canteen space will be refurbished, including the replacement of the flooring and all furniture. These upgrades will ensure that there is enough space for all students to sit and that the overall dining experience improves exponentially. In addition to this, a new Year 11 space will be created so that our oldest students have a quiet space to socialise with friends, complete work and prepare for their examinations.

I hope that you agree that all of the changes outlined above are positive steps forward for our academy and I look forward to writing to you further in the coming weeks to let you know about other changes we will be making to improve the overall student experience at Bruntcliffe Academy.

Yours faithfully
Chris Stokes