March 2019

Dear Parent/Carer

As a routine part of our work across The GORSE Academies Trust, we are reviewing certain systems and protocols, one of which is how we use photographs and videos for a number of purposes across a number of platforms and media types. Our core reason for capturing these images is to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our young people, and showcase the fantastic opportunities and activities that they experience as part of their time with us. There may also be times where we would wish to use these images for information, display, and marketing purposes.

In this letter we seek to make clear to parents how these photographs and videos (referred to as “image/s” from this point forth) are specifically used, stored, and shared, and inform parents of the rights of your child. For absolute accuracy of our records, we are also issuing a fresh consent form so parents can explicitly agree or not agree to provide consent.

How do we use the image of your child?

When consent has been provided, we use images of your child for a number of purposes. In summary, these are:

  1. Around the school for display purposes
  2. On school/trust websites
  3. On social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
  4. In wider marketing materials (e.g. flyers, prospectuses)
  5. In news and media outlets (e.g. newspapers and TV channels)

How are these images stored?

The original images that we save are stored on trust IT systems. These are all secured and under controlled access. Images, as they are published, are then stored in a number of locations, for example, images shared on the school website are saved on our website hosting provider, and images shared on social media will be saved on public cloud hosting platforms.

Who do we share these images with?

We occasionally share original images with specific third parties such as news and media outlets to support a press release or news article.

What if I do not provide consent?

If you do not provide consent the trust will not capture the image of your child for any purposes other than official use. We will also make every attempt to ensure that your child does not feel excluded from any activity as a consequence of not being included in photographs and videos.

When do we use the image of your child without consent (official use)?

The only time that we would do this is for official school use, e.g. capturing your child’s image for use in our Management Information System, or recording a video of your child as part of their learning and assessment (for example, a drama performance that needs to be moderated or submitted to an examination board).

How will you protect my child’s identity?

Where we use the image of your child, we will seek to protect their identity by not including any identifiable information such as full name, email address, home address or telephone number.


We are proud of our students and would greatly value your consent to celebrate your child’s successes and also support our work as a trust. In order to do this, we must have appropriate consent from the parent/carer.

Please fill out the consent slip below to confirm whether you do or do not provide consent for The GORSE Academies Trust to use and store images of your child.

Please note that should you provide consent you can withdraw this at any time by contacting [email protected] Once consent has been withdrawn please note that the trust will endeavour to remove any already published content, however we cannot guarantee that this will happen as we might not have the ability or control to remove already published material or recall them.

Please return this to your child’s form tutor by Monday 25 March.  A reply slip is needed for all students.

Yours faithfully
Mr C Stokes

Biometric Data Consent Slip – please download using the button below, complete and return to your child’s form tutor by Monday 25 March