GCSE Support Team

Pascoe Gill

Senior Vice Principal: Achievement/Attendance

Megan Duffy

Assistant Attendance Leader (Y10 and Y11)

Heather Newton

Academic Progress Leader – Year 11

Jodie Parkes

Behaviour Leader Key Stage 4

Charlotte King

Learning Manager

Sam Swift

Pastoral Support Officer

Janet Stephenson

Inclusion and Safeguarding Officer KS4

Josie Bentley

Careers Advisor

Supporting your child

Exams are incredibly important and so is how we prepare for them. As an academy we want to support you and your child as much as possible. This page contains all the key information students and parents will need in order to prepare effectively for sitting exams. We hope this webpage will be helpful to provide key information.

If you require any further support please get in touch with the key people above through [email protected].

Click here to view further support resources

Key Dates

  • 12.10.20 – Assessment Point 1
  • 14.10.20 – Careers Fair
  • 09.11.20 – Mock exams start (all subjects)
  • 19.11.20 – Mock exams end
  • 10.12.20 – Parents’ evening and mock results
  • 11.01.21 – Assessment Point 2
  • 08.02.21 – Mock exams start
  • 12.02.21 – Mock exams end
  • 09.03.21 – Parents’ evening and mock results
  • 09.03.21 – Year 11 presenting and performing drama exam (all day)
  • 29.03.21 – Assessment point 3
  • 26.04.21 – Assessment point 4
  • 10.05.21 – Art/Graphics/Photography exam all day
  • 11.05.21 – Art/Graphics/Photography exam all day
  • 12.05.21 – Art/Graphics/Photography exam all day
  • 24.05.21 – Art/Graphics/Photography exam all day

Useful Resources


Maths Genie
On Maths


Spark Notes
BBC Bitesize – Literature
BBC Bitesize – Language
Mr Bruff (YouTube)


AQA website (Trilogy Science) – Past Paper
BBC Bitesize
Freesciencelessons (YouTube)


Duo Lingo App


Past Paper
Revision Advice
BBC Bitesize – Elizabethans
BBC Bitesize – Germany


BBC Bitesize