When contacting the academy, please use the below information to ensure that your communication is directed to the most appropriate member of staff.

Student Planner

The student planner is used as the main method of communication between school and home. Teachers will make note of rewards and sanctions and your child will also use this to record any homework issued. In addition to this, the planner will be used to report on your child’s progress at key points throughout the year. The planner contains a wealth of information including school policies and contacts. As a parent you must check your child’s planner and sign it each week.

  • For an everyday issue please contact your child’s Form Tutor using the school planner.
  • For a persistent / serious issue (including medical issues) please contact your child’s Pastoral Support Officer or Student Reception.
  • For an issue regarding the safety or safeguarding of a child please contact one of our Designated Child Protection Officers (Listed as below as Inclusion & Safeguarding Officers)
  • If you have a concern regarding a specific subject, then please contact the Curriculum Leader.
  • If you have a serious concern about your child, please contact the relevant Senior Leader responsible for your child’s year group.
  • If you would like to make a complaint this must be done so using the Complaints Policy.

Under the Contact us section of the website there is easily accessible ‘contact form’. Alternatively please email us at [email protected], directing your email to the appropriate member of staff as listed below.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
SLT Lead Mrs Brand Mrs Hall Mrs Brennan Mrs Hocking Miss Gill
Academic Progress Leader Miss Ashe Mrs Jowett Miss Newton
Behaviour Leader Miss Holmes (KS3) Miss Parkes (KS4)
Pastoral Support Officer Miss Sutton Mr Garrett Mrs Marshall Mr Swaine Mr Swift
Inclusion & Safeguarding Leader Mrs Gould (KS3 & KS4)
Inclusion & Safeguarding Officer Mr Diamond Mrs Stephenson
Attendance Leader Miss Duffy (KS3 & KS4)
Attendance Officer Mrs Lockwood Mrs Thornton Miss Gumersell Miss Duffy
For a subject area please address your email to the subject Curriculum Leader e.g. ‘For the attention of the Curriculum Leader for Maths’

Please see the communication tier system below for further details regarding targeted response times.

If your contact with the academy is in relation to the raising of a formal complaint, please see the Formal Complaints Policy for details of expected timescales, which differ from those shown below.

Tier 1 Communication (Target Response Time – within 2 school days)

  • Form Tutor – This colleague is your main point of contact for concerns you may have about a wide variety of matters in school. Where appropriate, the form tutor will pass on your concerns to one of the above-named colleagues.
  • Pastoral Support Officer (PSO) – each year has a PSO who is an experienced non-teaching member of staff. This colleague deals with all behaviour matters and general day to day concerns.
  • Attendance Officer (AO) – Attendance Officers carefully monitor the attendance of your child as well as their punctuality. Where attendance or punctuality is of concern, the AO will let you know and will be responsible for the processing of any attendance contracts or fines. If you have any concerns around attendance, this colleague will be your primary point of contact.
  • Inclusion & Safeguarding Officer (ISO) – the ISO is in place to support the health and well-being needs of your child. If you are concerned about your child’s development or require support as a family, please get in touch with your child’s ISO who will be happy to support.
  • Academic Progress Leader (APL) – the APL for each year group is a teaching member of staff and will be responsible for ensuring that your child makes outstanding academic progress in school. If you have concerns about any lessons that your child is in, or the progress that they are making, this colleague is your main point of contact

Tier 2 Communication (Target Response Time – within 3 school days)

  • Attendance Leader / Behaviour Leader / Inclusion & Safeguarding Leader – each key area of the academy’s pastoral provision is overseen by a Pastoral Leader. Please contact a Pastoral Leader should your question / concern not been resolved by one of the above named colleagues.

Tier 3 Communication (Target Response Time – within 5 school days)

  • SLT Year Group Leader – each year group at BA is overseen by a member of the Senior Leadership Team. This colleague will not be directly involved in the day to day activities of the year group but will oversee and quality assure what is taking place, as well as resolve more serious behaviour concerns or parental enquires.

Alongside the colleagues above, there are a number of other members of staff who may be directly involved in supporting your child no matter what year group they are in:

  • Mrs Gould – Inclusion & Safeguarding Leader and Leader of SEND (Target Response Time – within 3 school days)
  • Ms Towle – Personalised Learning Centre Leader (Target Response Time – within 3 school days)
  • Mrs Bowes – Isolation Leader (Target Response Time – within 3 school days)

The full pastoral team is overseen by Mrs Fowler (Assistant Principal – Behaviour) and Mrs Hall (Assistant Principal – Attendance). (Target Response Time – within 5 school days)

Communications directly to the Principal will be responded to within 15 school days. Responses may come direct from the Principal or through another member of the Senior Leadership Team.