Your child’s attendance plays a crucial part in the progress that they will make in school. It is therefore essential that they attend school every day. Research has proven that there is a direct link between the progress that students make and their attendance. If a student has 90% attendance then it is likely that they will achieve one grade below their target however, students with 100% attendance tend to achieve beyond their target.

The school’s overall target for attendance for this year is 96%

Please click the on the document below which shows how important attendance is and the potential ramifications for poor attendance:

Download the Attend to Achieve document

The 100% Attendance Club

Maintaining an attendance record of 100% is a brilliant achievement and one that we are delighted to reward and celebrate. Students who achieve 100% attendance will be given a much deserved place in the 100% Attendance Club. Membership of the club entitles students to a range of rewards, including celebration activities, trips and pop up events throughout the year.

A 100% Attendance Club pin badge is presented to students when they enter the club. It is expected that this badge is worn with pride at all times around the Academy. This is a student’s pass to a raft of rewards and treats including a specially allocated queue in the dining room, ensuring priority and speedy serving at lunch and break times.

Our first 100% Attendance Club students are those who have admirably achieved 100% Attendance in 2017-18. The next entry to the club will be those students who maintain 100% Attendance from September to October half term. Students can stay in the club for as long as they maintain 100% attendance. This will be reviewed weekly by the Attendance Team and any student who drops below 100% will hand their pin badge back to school.

We recognise 100% Attendance as being a huge achievement and one that needs significant reward and celebration! Therefore, only students with 100% Attendance will be granted access to the club. The 100% attendance club is a reward for those students who show resilience and excellent attitudes to school. We do, however, recognise that in some cases, absence from school is unavoidable. Examples include students being absent from school:

  • to mark a religious observance.
  • to attend a specialist medical appointment related to a lifelong medical condition.
  • to grieve for, and attend a funeral of an immediate family member.

In all cases where a parent / carer is seeking an exception to be made, the Principal must authorise this. Please complete an ‘Exceptional Circumstances form’ and return to the academy by email or post.

Students who maintain attendance above 97% will be able to access some of the same rewards given to those in the 100% Attendance Club. The Attendance Team may, when appropriate, also provide incentives and rewards specifically targeted to individuals or groups where it is seen fit.