This week saw the Year 8 Indoor Athletics team in action at the fourth Gorse Games event of the year. After a successful start from the Year 7s last week, the 8s had a hard task maintaining the same excellent standard.

The girls competed in the track events first, whilst the boys competed in the field. The girls were off to a flying start when Sophie Martin finished a very close 2nd to Boston Spa Academy, who finished 1st in the 1 lap event. After a very promising start the girls went on to win the 3 lap and 4 lap race and came 2nd in the 8-lap parlouf. The girls finished their very strong run in the track events by finishing 1st in the 4 x 2 relay!

It was then up to the boys to match the girls incredible performance on the track! The Y8 boys did not disappoint! With wins in both the 2 lap, 4 lap and the 4 x 2 relay!

A fantastic time was had by all involved and real determination and resilience was displayed by all students involved! We look ahead to the Y9 event next week.