In the Easter holiday, the site team at Bruntcliffe Academy were working hard to upgrade the facilities in our building for our students. Students on arriving at the academy on Monday were welcomed with an improved student reception area which has now been carpeted to create a more welcoming space. New doors have also been added in key areas to ensure that movement around the academy during lesson changeovers does not interrupt work taking place in lessons and isolation.

We have invested in the year 11 canteen space to ensure that our students have a bespoke area that caters to their needs. Soft seating has been added to the conservatory area to create a communal space for year 11 students to relax during their break and lunch times. A workspace has also been created in the conservatory for students who want to revise. It was fantastic to see many students using this space on the first day back before form time! Dining room seating remains in the year 11 area as well. There are more developments to come over the coming months that I know year 10 in particular are very interested in as they will inherit this space from September.

We are constantly looking for improved ways to use the building space that we have to maximise the learning for our students. We will have another update following May Half term as more works take place at Bruntcliffe Academy.