On Friday all of our students took part in the first Be Smart Day of this year, a day specifically designed to cover all aspects of PSHCE that cannot be delivered through other lessons.  Students across all years enjoyed debating and learning about a range of issues covering Modern British Values and Sex Education.  We covered a range of probing topics, for example Year 7 learnt about Parliament and Human Rights, they became aware of environmental issues debated homphobic bullying.  Year 8 learnt about the journey of a refugee, the job of an MP, discussed Transphobia and learnt about the risks of Child Sexual Exploitation.  Year 9 looked at Radicalisation and racism, they learnt about safe sex and the investigated different political parties.  In Year 10 students looked at stereotypes and democracy and learnt about how the court system worked while Year 11 discussed tolerance and equality and discussed the risks of substance misuse.

We were really proud of the mature conversations and debates that took place throughout the day.  Students showed us how empathetic they were to each other’s views and we witnessed so many thoughtful conversations through the day.