What is The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an internationally recognised and acclaimed qualification which gives students opportunities to:
• Develop valuable transferable skills which will help to equip them for life outside of the academy
• Develop teamwork and leadership skills
• Enhance their level of independence
Through active participation in the DofE, we aim to empower students to become active citizens and positive role models in the 21st Century.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Bruntcliffe Academy

Participants may enrol for their Bronze Award at the start of the academic year of their fourteenth birthday. At Bruntcliffe Academy, we are proud to be offering the Bronze Award for the 2nd Year. Last year, approximately 40 pupils completed their Bronze Award, and we are excited to see numbers grow this.

What is involved?

The successful completion of the Bronze Award will see each participant spending at least three months engaging in the following activities:

  1. Volunteering in the local community
  2. Pursuing a skill or hobby
  3. Taking part in physical recreation

One of the sections above must be continued for a total of six months. Students are also required to plan, train for and complete a self-sufficient walking expedition. At Bruntcliffe Academy, we have DofE qualified members of staff who, together with the specialist knowledge of our contacts at Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, have developed a comprehensive training programme which provides students with the skills and knowledge to complete their expedition.

What can you gain?

We firmly believe that the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an enormously positive experience for students.  Benefits include:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Independence
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Development of new skills
  • New friendships
  • Ability to lead and work as part of a team

Students who complete the Award report a strong sense of achievement and enjoyment.

In addition, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award is the equivalent to a GCSE and is looked upon favourably by prospective colleges, universities and employers.

Still want to know more?

“Entertaining time with friends for a new experience.”

“It taught me some valuable life skills.”

“I enjoyed putting up the tent, that we needed help with.”

“Being outdoors and witnessing wildlife on our expedition. Our group saw a fox in its natural habitat.”

“I enjoyed cooking for myself, camping outside and having fun with everyone along the way.”

“I enjoyed D of E because I got to spend time with friends, doing something different outside of the classroom.”

“It gave me great satisfaction doing litter picking in my local community, I was able to give back to Gildersome. The expedition was fun.”

“It was a challenge but it was useful as it pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to do something I wouldn’t do normally.”

“I enjoyed the walk and camping out with friends.”