The use and impact of Catch Up Funding

The school receives funding to support students who enter Year 7 with below expected attainment in Reading and or mathematics. This funding is known as ‘Catch Up’ and the school receives £500 for each student in this category.

At Bruntcliffe Academy we use this funding to provide targeted short term Literacy and Numeracy Intervention designed to accelerate progress in these areas. After an initial assessment of need, gaps in learning are identified and bespoke programmes of study are developed and delivered which are designed to ensure students make rapid progress in these areas.

Intervention Teams work closely with the mathematics and English departments when developing personalised programmes to ensure links to the curriculum are included.

For further information on how the Catch Up Funding is spent, please download the Catch Up Funding statement below.

Catch-Up Funding 2019 -20– Bruntcliffe Academy received a grant of £26,551

2019/20 Action Plan

Catch-Up Funding 2018 -19– Bruntcliffe Academy received a grant of £26,551

2018/19 Action Plan
2018/19 Impact Report