Bruntcliffe Academy is undergoing a metamorphosis – a conspicuous and abrupt change from a position of relatively poor outcomes for students in 2015 to, in 2018, becoming an academy operating within the top 25% of schools nationally for students’ progress with students making, on average, a ¼ of a grade more progress in each of their subjects, than their peers nationally.

Metamorphosis is driven by a necessary change. It is essential for schools to provide the very best opportunities for their students, to provide a safe environment where they can make friends and learn in confidence and happiness, developing into young adults who will go on to become a proud generation of citizens, contributing to our city and wider society. Detailed performance analysis coupled with decisive leadership and strategic thinking with regard to teaching and learning, recruitment and retention and adherence to the highest standards of behaviour, have underpinned the transformation of the school.

As part of The GORSE Academies Trust, we maintain the highest standards of behaviour: Positive Discipline provides the foundation from which we deliver exciting and ambitious learning. Coupled with these standards and expectations is our desire to be ambitious for our students, to encourage them to exceed their own expectations, whether in their studies or in life.

Bruntcliffe Academy is among the few schools in the city to be rated by OFSTED as Outstanding for its teaching and learning. Our recent GCSE results have shown that the trust and faith of our students and parents, coupled with high quality teaching and high expectations has gained traction. This process of change continues apace.

We value each and every student. We see them contributing to the greater good of their school community and being happy and enthusiastic in their learning. Each student, as part of this sea of learning, is contributing to the present and also the future success of the academy. This is turn will inspire higher expectations and greater success for them as individuals. They are the inexorable rising swell of a great wave. By accessing outstanding teaching our students will capitalise on the best opportunities available to them, whether that be the colleges they wish to apply to, the courses they wish to study or the careers they wish to pursue. They will become resilient in overcoming challenges, confident in speaking in public, knowledgeable in a range of subjects. In doing so, they will thrive in the workplace, with a wide range of employment open to them. Doors will open, allowing them to prosper as adults and lifelong learners. They will have also contributed greatly to the success of the academy and inspired those students coming after them.

Whether a student has an interest in science or sport, mathematics or modern foreign languages, we encourage an appreciation of a wider culture. This in turn will empower them to be bold in their future choices of colleges and careers, to become engaging speakers, able to compose and sustain discussion and debate. All students will be given the opportunity to speak about their experiences in learning, whether as part of a football trip to Madrid or an investigation they have completed in science. These rich endeavours provide the gravitational pull of the wave and inspire unbridled enjoyment and success.

To encapsulate this vision we will ensure that we hold steadfast to five key pillars:

    All children can achieve in the most complex environments.

    All professionals are responsible for ensuring all children reach their potential.

    Providing a high quality education is vital for a fair society that affords every child the full range of opportunities in life.

    Great schools are led by great leaders who have a focus on learning and attract, develop and retain great professionals to reach every child.

    As part of The GORSE Academies Trust, a large number of excellent schools working together, we will work in deep rooted and meaningful partnership so that sustainable improvements are secure.